Christopher Columbus Facts – Interesting Facts About Christopher Columbus

Facts about Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus real name is Cristoforo Colombo. It is the Anglicization version of his real name.

There countries Portugal, England and France refused to back Columbus voyage as experts believed that his calculation were wrong and it would take much longer than he thought.

During the Middle Ages, when most people were extremely poor (peasants) and few very extremely rich (nobility), Columbus belonged to the small lucky group of middle class.

Columbus wrote a book called “Book of Privileges’ towards the end of his life, where he listed all the promises Spanish crown has made to him over the years and the ways the crown had not honored those promises.

People during the Columbus time believed that earth was formed mainly of one giant landmass consisting of Europe, Africa and Asia, because these were the only continents mentioned in the Bible. And they were surrounded by ocean called the Ocean Sea.

There are no accurate portraits of Christopher Columbus. Every painting or drawing of him is a complete guess.

Columbus was very religious person. He gave religious names to many of the lands he discovered.

Diego Columbus and Fernando are the two sons of Columbus by two different women.

Columbus at the age of 55 died at the Court in Valladolid, Spain in 1506.

Columbus is referred many times as the “Father of the New World.”