Chuck Norris Facts – Funny Facts About Chuck Norris

Chuck Noris facts that are meant to be true

Chuck Norris is the creator for “Chun Kuk Do” martial Art form which means “universal way”.

He has given the universal path for those who follow Chun Kuk Do.

For Chun Kuk Do form of fighting he has Given 10 unbreakable code of honor.

He has written those 10 codes from his personal experience not from fighting.

Chun Kuk Do was inspired from Tang Soo Do.

For Chun Kuk Do he has given all combat styles.

Chun Kuk Do was created only to get his students unbeatable in any form of combat.

Chuck Norris created Chun Kuk Do for not just fighting but also to be disciplined in life.

Chuck Norris has taught the “king of cool” Steve McQueen how to fight and made Donny Osmond to get into Chun Kuk Do.

He had a wide range of celebrities who got inspired of his combat style and given karate training for Bob Parker and Pricilla Presley.