Golden Gate Bridge Facts – Interesting Facts about Golden Gate Bridge

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Golden Gate Bridge

It takes 4 seconds to reach the surface of the water when a person dives form the Golden Gate Bridge.

There are 6 lanes in the Golden Gate Bridge.

The toll is charged in the southbound direction of the Golden Gate Bridge, as a car heads into the city.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt opened the bridge by cutting the ribbon remotely via telegraph.

On the first day no automobiles were allowed on the bridge but instead 200,000 people walked the bridge.

The bridge was open for automobiles on the second day where 32,000 cars crossed the Golden Gate Bridge.

The bridge has two towers that support the two main cables. The tower rises to 746 feet above the water.

The Golden Gate Bridge is the second 83 year old bridge in San Francisco. The other being the Bay Bridge.

The bridge operators have permanently employed a team of 38 painters to maintain its paintwork, patching up the highly corroded areas.

Kevin Briggs, officer of the California highway patrol, has stopped more than 200 people from committing suicide on the Golden Gate Bridge.

The lead structural engineer insisted on installing a safety net during the construction of the bridge costing $130,000. The net had saved 19 men who named themselves the “Halfway to Hell Club.”