Gun Control Facts – 46 Unbelievable Gun Facts

Gun Violence Facts

However there are equally forceful reasons in favor of gun control laws

Gun caused deaths of 464,033 individuals between 1999 and 2013

270,237 Americans used the gun to end their life in this period.

Guns were involved in 174,773 homicides and 9,983 unintentional deaths

Guns were the 12th leading cause of deaths in the US and represented 1.3% of all deaths in US.

Kids under the age of 15 years are nine times more likely to die of gun accidents as compared to other advanced nations

Each day more than 200 Americans go for emergency and casualty medical assistance due to gunshot wounds

A recent study in the American Journal of Public Health reveals that purchasing a hand gun legally increases the risks of a violent death.

Another lancet study conducted in Mar. 10, 2016 reveals that federal universal background checks can decrease firearms deaths by 56.9% while background checks on ammunition purchases could reduce deaths by 80.7%. Gun identification procedures can decrease deaths by 82.5%.

However there is a correlation between higher firearm ownership and reduced police killings.