Koala Facts – Interesting Facts About Koalas

Fun Facts About Koalas

The area covered by the home tress is called as Koala’s home range.

A mature Koala has a dark scent gland in the center of his chest which exudes dark, sticky substance. He rubs this on his trees to mark his territory.

Koalas communicate to each other by making a range of noises.

Baby Koalas are called Joeys.

When a Joey is born, it is about 2 cm long, its fur less, blind with under developed ears.

The Joey stays in the pouch for about 6 to 7 months relying only on milk.

Before feeding on gumleaves which are toxic for most mammals, Joey is fed on a substance called ‘pap’ which is a specialized form of mothers dropping. This allows the mother to pass on the special microorganism form her intestine to Joey for it to be able to digest gumleaves.

Young kolas spend first six months inside its mothers pouch. For the next two or three months it clings to its mothers fur during the day, returning to the pouch at night.

The mother and young Koala enjoy and develop a very close relationship. She happily carries her young around until it gets old enough to be independent.

At one year of age, the young Koala can live on its own.