Koala Facts – Interesting Facts About Koalas

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Koala Fun Facts

Female Koalas are fully mature by about 2 years of age and male by three or four years.

Koalas need to have their own home range by the time they get mature. They can either occupy the home range left vacant by a dead Koala or find a new area of forest.

Koalas have super liver that has evolved to deal with the eucalyptus leaves toxins. Koalas often just excrete drugs, which makes it hard to administer medication.

Koala’s fur is different in different parts of Australia. Southern part koalas have longer and shaggier than in the north to keep them warm in cold southern winters.

Koalas pouch are located towards the bottom of their bodies and open outward.

Mother koala uses a strong sphincter muscle to prevent the baby koala from falling out of the pouch.

Koalas are not bears, but marsupials.

Habitat loss is the greatest threat to Koalas population.

Kolas have five digits on their front paws.

Forests have carrying capacity. They can carry only a certain number of koalas.