Polar Bear Facts – 95 Fascinating Facts About Polar Bears

Polar Bear Interesting Facts

The heart rate of the polar bear drops to about 27 beats per minute during hibernation from about 46 beats per minute.

Some polar bear cubs with the same mother can have different fathers.

It is a myth that all polar bears are left handed.

Female polar bears are induced ovulators, it means that the mating causes the female to release an egg for fertilization.

Inuit or Eskimos eat the meat of polar bears.

Polar bears can see quite well in under water.

The white coat of polar bear acts as a camouflage while hunting on snow and sea ice.

Churchill, Manitoba is the polar bear capital of the world, where hundreds of bear comes to the outskirts of the town and wait for the Hudson Bay to freeze.

The total polar bear population is divided into 19 subpopulations.

Polar bears love to play.