Mount Rushmore Facts – 49 Interesting Facts About Mount Rushmmore

Facts about Mount Rushmore

It is estimated that it only took 6 years to make the actually carving. While 8.5 years were consumed with delays due to weather and lack of funds.

Robinson’s initial idea was to sculpt the western heroes like Ogala Lakota leader red Cloud, explorers Clark and Lewis, etc into the Needles stone pinnacle.

The image was mapped onto the mountain using an intricate pointing machine designed by Borglum.

The president’s face is 60 feet wide in the sculpture.

The order in which the faces appear are George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln.

The face of the president Jefferson was originally intended to be on the right of Washington.

After working for 2 years on the face of Jefferson, the rock was found to be unsuitable and the partially completed face was erased from the mountain using dynamite.

Auguste Rodin, a French sculptors good friend Borglum, wanted to do something bigger than needles and carve a mountain.

The idea of carving the four presidents to attract national focus was the idea of Borglum and his son, Lincoln.

Mount Rushmore exhibits 60-foot sculptures of the heads of the Presidents.