Thanksgiving Facts – 35 Fun Facts About Thanksgiving

Facts About Thanksgiving

Every year the US President pardons a turkey and saves it from being eaten for thanksgiving dinner.

The first pardon of Turkey happened in 1947 when the then US President Truman started this ritual.

President Obama had pardoned a 45 pound Turkey and it was named Courage and was flown to Disneyland as Grand Marshal of the parade.

Thanksgiving Day is always celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November. However President Roosevelt advanced it by a week in the hope that it will help the market sentiments and encourage people to buy in the depression era. The move failed dismally and the event was changed back two years later.

Benjamin Franklin wanted turkey too be designated as a national bird instead of the eagle.

More than 46 million turkeys are consumed by Americans for Thanksgiving Day.

Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were the first men to set foot on the moon. They were served foil packets with roasted turkey.

The record of the heaviest turkey is 86 pounds according to the Guinness Book of records

California tops among all states in consuming most turkeys in US Thanksgiving day.

Americans prefer the white meat of turkey like the breast while other countries prefer dark meat.

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