Bullying Facts – 100 Staggering Facts About Bullying

Facts of Bullying

More than 80% of the times bullying happens with peers around. 57% of the time bullying stops within 10 sec when a bystander steps in.

Boys who bully are physically stronger and have an urge to dominate.

Girls are physically weaker than other girls in their class.

Only 8% of educational professionals think that bullying is a serious and critical issue.

75% of people say they have experienced bullying.

Bullies often come from homes that are hostile, neglectful and use harsh punishment.

Children who are bullied suffer from anxiety, headaches and depression.

83% of children say that watching bullying is an uncomfortable experience.

Nearly 17% of calls to child help lines are made by children who are bullied.

21% of middle and high school children report gang presence on campus.

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