Bullying Facts – 100 Staggering Facts About Bullying

Facts on Bullying

Bullying is not going to go away if it is ignored. Ignoring bullies will strengthen and make them think that they can bully without consequence.

Boys bully according to group, for instance ‘athlete’ vs ‘non-athlete’. Girls bully according to social status, for instance ‘popular’ vs ‘non-popular’.

All the fifty states in United States have passed school anti-bullying legislation.

Bullies, later in life abuse drugs, vandalism, shoplifting and truancy, than children who do not bully during early childhood.

Boys often avoid reporting about bullying.

83% of young people report that bullying had a negative impact on their self-esteem.

Bullying increases the thoughts of suicide and other such behaviors.

40-75% of bullying in schools takes place during recess, lunchtime, restrooms or hallways.

The term mobbing is used for group bullying.

Bullying costs the US economy $158 billion every year. This is the public money lost by kids skipping school and from drop outs.