Hawaii Facts – 36 Interesting Facts About Hawaii

Facts about Hawaii

Pearl Harbor is located near capital Honolulu and it has a checkered history. It was bombed by Japanese forces and led to the entry of US in World War II.

Ka Lae on the Big Island of Hawaii is the southernmost tip of the United States

The State has its own time zone (Hawaiian Standard Time). The time is two hours behind Pacific Standard Time and five hours behind Eastern Standard Time.

It is one of two states which do not use Daylight Saving Time. The other state is Arizona.

The Hawaiian Islands are actually the top of some of the biggest Mountain Ranges in the world.

The star which rises directly over Honolulu or its zenith star is Arcturus or Hokule’a as the natives call it.

A place called Kalaaupapa on Molokai Island featured a leper colony administered by, a Flemish Catholic missionary named Father Damien. Ironically he also contracted leprosy while treating patients and later died due to leprosy.

The population of Molokai is only 7400 and even fewer people live in the on Lanai, the smallest inhabited island open to visitors.

Hawaii has the most active volcano in the world, the Kilauea which means ‘Spewing’ in local dialect. It is continuously erupting for the last 30 years.

Hawaii was admitted into the union on August 20th, 1959 when it became the 50th state of United States. The name of the TV series Hawaii Five-O comes from the fact that Hawaii is the 50th State.