Shark Facts – Interesting and Fun Facts About Sharks

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Fun Facts About Sharks

Sharks don’t have eyelids, so they depend on the surrounding water to clean their eyes as they cannot blink.

Sharks have been ruling the oceans for 400 million years, pre-dating dinosaurs by 200 million.

Sharks are good survivors and have remained almost completely unchanged in terms of evolving.

Sharks rule the seas, as they sit at the top of the marine food chain.

Sharks may have up to 3,000 teeth at one time. The teeth are completely embedded into the guns, as opposed to being directly affixed to jaw.

Sharks generally avoid fresh water, with the exception of the river and bull sharks that can swim in both sea and fresh water.

They are over 400 species of sharks.

Sharks skeleton is made up of cartilage and not bones.

Shark jaws are not attached to their skull.

Sharks don’t have a gas filled swim bladder, but they have an oil filled liver that offers buoyancy.