Simpsons Facts – 100 Amazing Facts About Simpsons

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The Simpsons Facts

Kang and Kosos, the two alien characters in The Simpsons are named after the characters from Star Trek: The Original Series.

Burns is distant relative of Homer.

Springfield hillbillies Cletus and Brandine have 44 children.

Simpson’s toys are illegal in Iran.

Maggie’s stuffed bunny is a main character from the comic strip ‘Life In Hell’ by Matt Groening.

Krusty was originally created to be Homer’s secret identity.

Otto, the bus driver is said to have a “Big Daddy” Ed Roth tattoo on his butt.

Maggie in the opening scene used to ring up on the cash register as $847.63 because it was the estimated price of raising a baby for one month in 1989.

“The Simpsons Movie”, a hit in 2007, was once planned as a musical.

Paul and Linda McCartney agreed to appear in the episode ‘Lisa the vegetarian’ only on the condition that the writers maintained Lisa’s vegetarianism for the rest of series.