Unbelievable Facts That Are Actually True

Disney Parks developed a paint color that’s meant to help things visually disappear by tricking the eye into ignoring it. “Go Away Green” is a bland, natural blue-green used on unsightly park structures like fences, garbage bins and admin buildings to help them blend in with the landscape.

Amazon has introduced a new font called “Bookerly” specifically designed to be easy to read on Kindles and other digital screens.

Queen bees continue to mate until they collect more than 70 million sperms from multiple males.

Cats bring home their kills to teach their kittens and other dependent family members how to catch prey.

Black boxes or flight recorders from military planes float, while from commercial planes sink.

Women can get pregnant while they’re already pregnant. This rare phenomenon is called superfetation.

Parrots and Dolphins will make up unique sound and use them as names. They keep the name their parents give them for life. They do this in captivity as well as in the wild.

Pink, freshwater dolphins exist but are endangered.

Penguinone, a chemical compound got its name from the fact that its molecular structure resembles a penguin.

During WW1, US government tried to rename hamburgers as “liberty sandwiches” to promote patriotism.