Armadillo Facts – 46 Interesting Facts About Armadillo

Facts About Armadillos

They have wiry hairs along the sides and belly and they act as tactile organs helping them feel around.

Armadillo has strong legs and sharp claws for digging.

Armadillo are only found in temperate regions close to the equator preferring areas which has a sandy or loam soil which is easy to dig.

Most Armadillos live in Central and South America. However the nine-banded armadillo is found in the ranges from Argentina to Southern United States.

Armadillos love sleeping and sleep for 16 hours in their burrows. They forage for food in the morning and the evening.

Armadillo are not very social and only time they get together is when they mate.

However in winter they may share the burrows with other armadillos to share body heat.

Armadillos are omnivores and they can eat both vegetation and meat.

However 90% of their diet is insects and larvae which they catch with their long sticky tongue.

They also eat eggs, dead animals and roots.