Armadillo Facts – 46 Interesting Facts About Armadillo

Facts About Armadillos

Armadillo meat was nick named “Hoover Hogs” during the great depression of 1920’s as a jab for President Hoover who had promised chicken in every American pot but instead presided over the worst collapse of US economy after WWI

Armadillo body temperature is akin to human skin and therefore leprosy bacterium, which causes leprosy, can survive in their body. Armadillo is considered a vector and natural reservoir of leprosy bacterium which can infect humans also.

The metabolic rate of armadillo’s body is very slow and do not produce much body heat.

Armadillo shells are soft but gradually harden due to the process known as ossification when calcium gets deposited.

Folklore details how His Majesty George II, King of England, was presented with an armadillo as a gift. The animal was called “Indian Monster” and it was fed hard boiled eggs.

Armadillo meat can feature in the menu in many parts of the world including America.