Benjamin Franklin Facts – 85 Interesting Facts About Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin facts and information

Benjamin could speak 5 languages including German, Italian, French, Latin, and Spanish.

Benjamin Franklin has mapped the Gulf Stream.

At the age of 22, Benjamin Franklin owned his first company that printed Pennsylvania Gazette newspaper.

Since 1928, Franklin’s picture is minted on every $100 bill.

Ben was a great swimmer and once swam 3.5 miles up the Thames from Chelsea to Blackfriars.

20,000 people had attended his funeral.

Franklin had two children with his wife, Degorah Read.

Benjamin Franklin made 8 voyages across the Atlantic Ocean.

Franklin played harp, guitar, violin and also composed music, and improved on the existing design of the glass harmonica.

Benjamin Franklin at the age of 11 has invented swim fins. He was later inducted into the International Swimming Hall of Fame for his aquatic exploits.