Ireland Facts – Interesting Facts About Ireland

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Facts About Ireland for Kids

The Tara Mine, County Meath, Ireland is the largest zinc mine in Europe, and it is also the fifth largest in the world.

Hurling and Gaelic football, are traditional sports and remain the most popular sports on the country.

With about 6.4 million population, Ireland was the second most populous island in Europe after Great Britain in 2011.

In ancient Ireland, sucking king’s nipple is a gesture of submission.

Martin Luther King Jr. paternal great-grandfather was Irish.

On average, Irish men are 5’8” and Irish women are 5’5”.

Dracula may have been inspired by the Irish legend of Abhartach.

Guinness, Harp Lager, Smithwicks (Kilkenny) are the famous Irish breweries.

Green Shamrock, the harp, and the Celtic cross are the three most famous symbols of Ireland.

With 45%, Ireland has one of the highest rates of church attendance in Europe.