Soccer acts – Interesting Facts About Soccer

Soccer Facts for Kids

A lightning bolt in 1998 soccer game has killed an entire team of the Democratic Republic of Congo. None of the opposite team players were hurt.

Messi refuses to watch video highlights of himself.

Germany has for the first time won the cup as a united country in the 2014 World Cup. The previous three times the World Cup was won by the West Germany.

The First World Cup was held in 1930 in Uruguay.

Soccer was an illegal sport in Mississippi until 1991.

Messi signed his first contract on a napkin.

The World Cup was originally made of paper mache. The heavy rain in the 1950 World Cup has ruined the cup and it had to be replaced.

“The hand of God” and “The Goal of the Century” are the two most famous gals in World Cup history were scored by Deigo Maradona of Argentina both in the same match against England in 1986 World Cup quarters.

Lee Todd received the fasted red card ever in record 2 seconds. He said “F*** me” after the whistle and it was so loud that the referee heard it.

The biggest soccer tournament in the world is the Football World Cup. It is held every four years.