Soccer acts – Interesting Facts About Soccer

Soccer Fun Facts

In just over 2 seconds after the match began a goal was scored. It was the fastest goal in soccer history.

In 1937, the first football match to be shown on television was a specially arranged match between Arsenal’s first and second team.

Ronaldinho caught media attention at the age of 13 when he scored 23 goals in a victory 23-0 against a local team.

Miroslav Klose of Germany holds the career record for the most World Cup goals with 16 goals, surpassing Ronaldo’s previous record of 15 goals.

The most valuable player of the 1998 World Cup was Ronaldo of Brazil. He was named as the World Player for 3 times.

The youngest professional soccer player in history is a 20 month old boy who was signed by a Belgium club.

Oliver Kahn of Germany is the first goalkeeper to win the Most Valuable Player of the World Cup in 2002.

Marcelo Trobbiani of Argentina has set the record for the shortest World Cup career in history when he made his first and last appearance in the 89th minute of the 1986 final and yet scored a goal leading the team to win the World Cup.

The record for the largest attendance in a single game was set in 1950, when 173,850 people attended the match in Brazil.

The first American professional soccer league was the USSA; it was played from 1919 for two years.