Spider Facts – Interesting Facts about Spiders

Spider Facts for Kids

When spider makes a new web, it first rolls the old one into a ball. They extract juices from their body onto it so that it can be liquefied.

Spiders can’t fly, but they sail through the air on a line of silk sometimes, known as “ballooning.”

Some spiders eat their webs and then reuse them.

Spiders have oversized brains compared to the rest of their body.

Spider takes nearly an hour to build a web.

Spiders can survive for hours under water by entering a self-induced coma.

Spiders are invertebrates, they don’t have backbone.

Most spiders are solitary, they only meet to mate. A few species are social and live in groups.

Spiders are scared of ants because of their formic acid.

Spider silk is possibly the strongest material in the world.