Alcohol Facts – 125 Interesting Facts About Alcohol

10 Facts About Alcohol

Only Mexico can make Tequila.

Teen alcohol kills 4,700 people every year. It is more than all the illegal drugs combined.

When Alexander the Great held a drinking contest among his soldiers, 42 people died of alcohol poisoning at the end of the contest.

Nearly 50% of Asians have trouble metabolizing alcohol because of a missing liver enzyme required to process the substance.

Drinking after exercising would negate any gains.

Alcohol is 61% more affordable in 2013, than in 1980.

Alcohol is responsible for over half of all the domestic violence incidents.

Chronic alcohol consumption increases the risk of breast cancer in women by 10%.

The 6 largest alcohol producers in the world spent $2.1 billion on advertising in 2010.

Globally, the economic burden of alcohol is nearly 5.44% of GDP in some countries.