Asia Facts – 50 Fun Facts About Asia

Fun Facts About Asia

The Island nations are most vulnerable to the effects of Global Warming and rising sea levels.

The continent has immense reserves of oil and minerals, and Countries like Saudi Arabia and Oman have benefitted from its wealth.

Asia still harbors poverty, and a large population lives below subsistence levels.

It is illegal to be fat in Japan, and law in Japan stipulates people above 40 years of age have to get their waists checked mandatorily.

An average Asian has a median age of 44.6; Japan has the second oldest people after Monaco. There are 50,000 people in Japan who have lived beyond 100 years.

Chinese name their children after major events, e.g. after the Beijing Olympics many newborns were named Olympic.

North Korea has its version of Christmas which is celebrated on December 24, to celebrate the birth of Kim Jong Il’s mother.

The world’s largest shopping Mall is in Asia and has 2350 shops.

Five of the most widely practiced religion in the world- Islam, Hinduism, Christianity, Taoism, and Buddhism has originated in Asia.

90% of the rice produced in the world is consumed by Asian population.