Cheetah Facts – Interesting and Amazing Facts About Cheetah

Facts About Cheetahs

The word “Cheetah” comes from a Sanskrit word “variegated” known has “exhibiting patches of different colors”.

Cheetah breathes around 150 times per minute while hunting a prey, which is triple to the normal respiratory system.

While hunting cheetah needs a lot of oxygen so they can enlarge nostrils and sinuses to consume more air through the lungs.

While hunting the cheetahs allied themselves to cover wide territories but when the females have cubs they settle at one area.

Cheetah spends most of the day by grooming to each other.

Cheetah always tend to clean they fur and keep themselves dry.

The giant cheetah lived in Eurasia between 2.5 million to 125,000 years ego.

The “tear stripes” on the cheetah face acts as a sun’s reflector which helps in finding the prey.

Before bonding the male cheetah tests the female cheetah heat by making sputtering sounds. Just like a call for mating.

According to Egyptian cheetah goddess Mafdet is the soul carrier to the after world.