Texas Facts – 90 Fascinating Facts About Texas

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Texas Fun Facts

Texas word is taken from the Hasinai Indian word Tejas, which means Friends or Allies.

The Texas Official state mammal is the Armadillo.

The first domed stadium of the United States was built in Houston, Texas in April 1965.

The Houston comets of WNBA won four consecutive WNBA championships.

The worst natural disaster in the United States occurred in Galveston, Texas and it was hit by a Hurricane resulting in 8000 deaths.

Brewster is the largest county in Texas with 6,208 square miles.

Houston is the first word spoken from the moon in July 20th

Houston, Dallas and San Antonio are in the America’s top ten popular cities list.

Texas has 16 million cattle populations.

The Lone Star State is the popular name given to Texas.