Adolf Hitler Facts -facts About Hitler That You Probably Didn’t Know

Adolf Hitler Interesting Facts

Hitler suffered from Ailurophobia, Fear for cats.

The founder of “Adidas”, a sports brand is Adolf “Adi” Dassler.

The founder of “Puma”, a sports brand is Rudolf Dassler, a brother of Adolf Dassler.

On May 1st Hitler was announced dead and even Osama Bin Laden too.

Earning’s of Hitler’s book “Mein Kampf” goes to charity but none of the charities accept the donations from it.

Hitler was an Artist. He used to paint in his leisure time.

In his lifetime Hitler never learned driving but instead he led the development for the Volkswagen Company.

The symbolic Iron cross of Nazi Party was recommended by German-Jewish Officer in WWI.

Only after the war was ended the German people came to know that Hitler was married to Eva Braun that lasted only a day.

Hitler was obsessed with the western civilization especially American’s Old West.