Adolf Hitler Facts -facts About Hitler That You Probably Didn’t Know

10 Facts About Adolf Hitler

Hitler’s close friends and personal Chauffeurs were given execution due to the Jewish descent by the SS. But they were all excused and considered Honorary Aryans.

During Hitler political uprising he was cross examined for 3 hours and kept in witness box by a Jewish lawyer Hans Litten. But during the reign of Nazis Hitler returned the favor for the lawyer by arresting him and tortured for 5 years until he committed suicide.

Hitler is fond of Disney characters. The sketches of Bashful, Doc and Pinocchio were retrieved from Hitler’s chamber. He considered that snow white is the best film at that period.

Hitler’s Body was cremated four times and finally his ashes dusted away through the wind.

During his imprisonment Hitler applied for a car loan to Mercedes-Benz dealer as the letter was retrieved years later at street market.

In WWI Hitler trimmed his mustache from handlebar type to toothbrush style to fit his gasmask properly.

Hitler kept his famous mustache to deceive his large nose.

Hitler personally has given a souvenir to an American Jesse Owens who was an Olympic winner in 1936 but hasn’t got any appreciation from President Roosevelt.

Hitler’s Personal photos were sold to life Magazine in 1955 by the Hitler’s own loyal photographer Hugo Jaeger.

Hitler the Dictator of Germany was an Austrian. Born at Braunau am inn, Austria.