Pluto facts – Fun and interesting facts about Pluto

Fun facts about Pluto

Pluto’s official name is 134340.

Pluto cannot be seen with naked eye.

Pluto has a reddish tint.

On Pluto, the sun rises and sets about once a week.

It takes about 5 hours for sunlight to reach the sun.

Pluto takes the longest time of the eight planets to orbit the sun.

A person who weighs 100 lbs on Earth weighs the least on Pluto than any other Pluto, at 6.7 lbs on Pluto.

Pluto takes 246.04 Earth years to orbit the sun.

“Plutoid” is the tern used to describe objects in the solar system that are rounded and orbit the sun beyond Neptune’s orbit.

The orbit of Pluto is Chaotic and unpredictable. Scientists are able to predict the location of Pluto along its orbit for the next 10-20 million years, beyond that it is unknown.